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The First Ward Mission & Vision

The bricks-and-mortar publishing model no longer provides most talented new authors a viable way to get their works out into the world, and thus readers are deprived of a wealth of new works. First Ward aims to remedy this situation by providing turnkey eBook and print-on-demand (POD) publishing services in a new digital publishing era. We want to give readers a name they can trust for a good read, by producing, publishing and promoting the works of talented authors, hassle-free and affordably.

The authors we select for publication under the First Ward label receive editing and formatting services, book-cover design and production, publishing and marketing through all major eBook and POD channels, a website, a cinematic trailer, and a comprehensive promotional package. In return for our services, we retain only a fair sales commission—we make money only when the author makes money.  We also offer our services on an a la carte basis, as an alternative to the commission and licensing-based services package. Email us to submit your book!

What Does “First Ward” Mean?

New Orleans’ old First Ward encompasses one of our favorite neighborhoods: The Lower Garden District. Its streets–named after Greek Muses–are donned with off-beat bars, restaurants, and shops, situated amongst 19th-century homes and inns. It is home to the Port of New Orleans (one of the largest international ports in the country) and Kern Studios (Mardi Gras float makers), and it borders the former St. Thomas Projects–once home to Sister Helen Prejean of Dead Man Walking fame. The old First Ward of New Orleans captures the neighborly, caring, creative, and diverse spirit of our business: a local bookstore and independent publisher, on a worldwide scale.

Also in the name, we strive to serve as protectorate of good writing and to ward off subpar writing for readers seeking quality eBooks–a first line of defense in an onslaught of new online content.

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