What can First Ward do for me that I can’t just as easily do myself?

  • If you are an expert in cover-art, web development, marketing, advertising, book sales, video/film/photography, editing, literary and social networking, intellectual property and licensing, then you might not need us.  However, wouldn’t you rather spend your time writing your next masterpiece than schlepping such a tedious load?  We are continually improving the eBook publishing process to give our clients turnkey services that allow writers to…write.

Is that it?

  • Nope.  First Ward’s grander vision is to create a brand name that readers trust to provide quality eBooks.  When a reader searches Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Google for her next eBook, we want her to know that works stamped with our label are going to offer a level of quality not normally found in independently publishing books.

Can I afford this?

  • We are still formulating our pricing and commission structure, but our services and representation will be affordable for even the hungriest authors.  For works we select for publication, we take only a small percentage of sales; and as our network grows, we hope a significant portion of those sales will be direct sales from this site and affiliate sites, avoiding the onerous Amazon and Barnes commissions.  We believe that the boost in sales we provide, in addition to the time we save you, will more than make up for the reasonable commission we charge.  Also, our ala carte and package-based services will be competitively priced.  We will update our pricing information very soon!

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